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Rainbow Gathering

Rainbow Gathering - Hickory Tree Grocery Before the Storm

If you're going to the Rainbow Gathering, the closest place to buy Anything is the Hickory Tree Grocery at Flatwoods Rd and Hickory Tree Rd.  The food rocks and the people are very happy to see new faces.

I'll be returning here after the gathering to see how they feel about it then.

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NYPD Patrols rainbow gathering in Tennessee

To the officer who sat in circle on the land today. Here is your proof.  This was filmed June 15th or 16th from what is currently bus village.  They flew multiple passes on multiple days but I have not seen it for a few days now.

REVISION:  They are again flying over Frequently after not being seen for a few days.

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Rainbow Gathering - Domestic Dispute Results in Marijuana Charges
Arguing loudly, fireworks or any other thing that invites police interaction can be used as a pretext for further inspection of you and yours.

Live updates from the rainbow gathering

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Debunking the Anarchy Trashman Theory

One of the most common responses to the thought of wide spread Anarchy by those who've made it past the anarchy=chaos misconception is that of the lowly trashman.  "But who'd take out the trash" if we were all free to do what we wanted, who on earth would choose to be the trashman or the sewer worker, you know.. the shit jobs.  I've heard this arguement often and I finally have an answer.  .... I would.


I have met many Rainbows over the years volunteering with one disaster or another; some standing up for your rights on a street corner but I had never made it to a Gathering "on time".   2008 saw a valiant attempt to make it to Wyoming but our side trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation left the bus sabotaged and we spent the week of the Gathering waiting for a part we didn't even need.   So this year I found a random ride home, on Facebook.

Going in I envisioned prolonged down time and hanging out with people I knew but that's not how it played out.  Turns out my friends seem to be the ones that ... do the work.. and we "hung out" mostly in passing as we went about our "work" daze.

Instead of camping with pregathering friends I decided to stick with the 3 random strangers I'd shared a van with for the 5 day journey that we all thought was to be 3.  There were no mechanical problems; we just stopped every hour or 2 and the van was too cramped  for comfortable napping.  It was a bit frustrating for me to take 5 days to drive a distance I've done alone in 2 &1/2 but it was the 1st time I ever road tripped somewhere and did not drive so that was way different and certainly a bonding experience.  ;~)

Kids Village Attacked by Police @ National Rainbow Gathering

interviews with pepper ball victims mix with available footage of the incident in Kiddie Village at the 2008 Wyoming Nathinal Gathering of the Rainbow Family.

John Twiss is the head of the Forest Service's Law Enforcement Agency:
write him at
You might also want to write to his bosses.

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Rainbow Gathering Forest Fire 2008 Mandatory Evacuation

We entered the Rainbow Gathering on July 7th.. most of the family had left by this time and those who hadn't were packing up, except for the clean up crew.  At the final turn into the gathering we were informed that the event was under a MANDATORY EVACUATION due to a raging forest fire ... that no one could see.

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Waveland, Missahippie

This was how I spent Thanksgiving 2005.  It was truely an awesome experience.

The Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly gathered in Waveland Missahippie within days of the hurricane disaster, to feed people. They have receieved nothing but love and support from FEMA, Red Cross, numerous Church groups and Hancock County. It is said that before Katrina hippies would refer to Mississippi as MissAHippie because a hippie could easily go "missing" in Mississippi. Now Missahippie has a whole new meaning. The story of Waveland is that of people putting aside petty differences to do what's right and needed by our community of man.

This feabile attempt to tell an amazing tale of cross cultural volunteerism features: Vermin Supreme, Dirty Momma, Heather Bee, Pete Jones, Ben Cauldwell, Doc Stone, Organic Valley, the residents of Waveland Mississippi ... and Flower

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